About Louisiana Foster Care Support Organization

“You Care for Kids, We Care for You!”

Louisiana’s statewide Foster Care Support Organization is an exciting partnership between Methodist Foster Care and Louisiana’s Department of Children and Family Services.

Our Foster Care Ambassadors work throughout Louisiana to support children in foster care. We do this, directly and indirectly, by serving Louisiana’s foster caregivers, relative caregivers, and local foster caregiver associations.

Goals of the Foster Care Support Organization

  • Provide foster caregivers in Louisiana the support they need to care for children and youth who are served by DCFS through relationship-based services which are family-focused and child-centered.
  • Decrease the loss of foster homes resulting from lack of support.
  • Increase the self-reported satisfaction of Louisiana’s foster caregivers.
  • Increase the number of caregivers who provide Quality Parenting.
  • Increase the placements of children with kinship caregivers.
  • Improve placement stability of children in foster care.
  • Promote DCFS’ efforts to improve timely permanency for children in DCFS custody.
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